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Only Supporters Can Make Submissions

How To Submit for Publication

You must be a current supporter to submit items for publication. A current supporter is a subscriber who has supported the Haves & Needs with the minimum donation within the past six months.

Submissions are for listings (for sale), rentals (for rent), buyer needs, or rental needs.

Send your submissions in an email with no attachments. No more than three submissions per day and all can be included in the same email. Please use (property for sale) or (property for rent). You will receive an auto-reply ‘receipt’.

Each submission appears once for each time it is sent in. Submissions may appear twice per week unless there is a price change.

Be sure to include the property address (not necessary for rentals), the major features, price, and MLS number (if applicable).

Write your submission professionally, as you would for your own website. Assume the general public will read it, because they will. 

Please do not abbreviate! Some things can have several abbreviations and we want to avoid any confusion, so just spell it out - there's room.

Do not use all capital letters. Some people feel this attracts attention, but it is more likely to have the opposite effect.

Include a link to a website or photo tour (if applicable), preferably one that is easily accessible to the public (no login required). A Google map link is also helpful. Photos are not published.

Include your contact information: name, company, phone number, and email address.

All submissions are subject to editing before publication.

You may specify which days you want your submission to run.

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