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My name is Bruce James and I am a Real Estate Broker from Santa Barbara. I publish Haves & Needs newsletter and website for Realtors, MLS members, and private parties, Monday through Thursday with a special Open House/Weekend Updates edition on Saturday. It is designed as a networking tool for subscribers, primarily real estate professionals, to share new information about current listings and current buyer needs. Much of the information, including real estate related news, is unavailable anywhere else and provides distinct advantages to subscribers. There is a subscriber base of approximately 400 and nearly all are Realtors, MLS members, or affiliates. I have been the publisher for approximately 17-years. The Haves & Needs is supported entirely through subscriber donations. No advertising is accepted.

Realtors and MLS members in Santa Barbara have found the Haves & Needs to be an extremely valuable service. It adds another level of exposure for their listings, helps locate properties to suit their client’s needs, and provides valuable real estate-related information that can be used in consultation with clients and potential clients.

Real estate professionals are able to subscribe for free, while others donate a minimum of $30 to be added to the mailing list. The majority of subscribers support the Haves & Needs through donations and submissions. Donations are semi-annual and vary from the minimum ($30) to several hundred dollars, depending on the value of the information to the subscriber.

My goal is to add value to this service through continual improvements. Therefore this publication is constantly evolving. Suggestions for improvements or new features are always welcomed.

I was a licensed real estate broker in California for 20-years. I am not involved in real estate sales or management any longer.

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